Slam Jam
Studio Visit

Hosted by ROA Talk by Deep and Rewilding Apennines

On the occasion of Salone del Mobile 2023 ROA and DEEP collaborated to visually explore two contrasting human-led ecological interventions: Noyaki (seasonal burning) in the hills surrounding Mt. Aso, Kyushu, Japan, and the rewilding proces in Italy’s Central Apennines.

Approaching direct-action environmental impact and ancient agricultural practices as forms of design, DEEP hosted a discussion with Valerio Reale, Enterprise Officer of our partner Rewilding Apennines.

Rewilding as a practice of ecosystem engineering was examined through the themes of trophic cascades, landscape intervention, natural resource management, and the Rewilding Apennines’ White Claw Crayfish breeding and reintroduction program.